Know More About Autism in Toddlers – Signs, Symptoms and Causes

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Autism is a disorder that impairs the children’s development in the social and communication skills and makes them display restricted and repetitive behaviors. This means that if your toddler is autistic, his or her development will be affected.

There are still debates as to what really causes autism in toddlers. Signs and symptoms of the disorder also vary from one child to another. But after many researches and studies, it can be narrowed down that genetics play a big role as to why some children are autistic. In fact, if a child has a sister or a brother who is autistic, there is a great chance that the child might suffer the disorder too.

Several years ago, autism was difficult to diagnose. But now experts are becoming more familiar with the disorder. Although there is still no standardized criteria in diagnosing autism in toddlers, signs and symptoms that demonstrate the disorder are now recognized.

It is just recently that it was found that the signs of autism start to show during the toddler years. Prior to such discovery, it was believed that the signs of the disorder start to appear during late childhood.

Experts stress out the importance of early detection. They believe that the earlier autism is detected, the lesser the child suffers. This will also give the parents more time to ask for advices and choose the various treatment options for autism now available. With today’s information about autism in toddlers, signs can now be easily discovered.

This is the reason why parents who suspect that their child is autistic must act immediately. It is very important to seek medical help as soon as possible to prevent further damage.