Hypnotherapy for Stress Management

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Stress is an everyday part of our lives. From the moment we wake, we are under pressure and that’s without any major event happening. We know how even a 5 minute delay leaving your house in the morning may result in sitting in traffic for longer. Or the frustration if you use public transport when the train/bus is late despite your efforts to be on time.

With this tension, you arrive at work and the demands begin. You may have to give a presentation and this increases the stress response inside – your heart races, your mind is fixated on what can go wrong and “nothing” seems to be going right.

Our stressful day then spills out on the journey home. The driver in front is not moving fast enough and we take our frustrations out by beeping at them or driving right up close to the car in front in order to force our will on them. You are tired of waiting in the cold and rain for your bus/train and feel like lashing out at those around you.

You arrive home to chaos – your kids are shouting, the house looks a mess and you just explode or you push it inwards. Either way this chaos inside is causing damage to you.

Your only solace seems to be food and all the “what ifs” come into your mind. You ruminate about what was done or not done, said or not said. You recreate scenarios and feel better for a few minutes but then your mood drops when you realize you were not as quick witted as you would like to be.

Sleep brings its own terrors – in the darkness of the night, you relive the day only this time, “everyone” and “everything” is out to get you. Your mind is twisting minor events into major catastrophes. You feel very alone and sorry for yourself.

You wake with your alarm and you do not feel energised, you feel shattered “another day of this s**t”. The day is the same as yesterday.

Without any way to let go of tension and frustration, your stress levels are rising gradually. You never “come down” from the heightened state. You may exercise but unless you have some way to release the tension in your mind, it will only have a limited effect because your mind is not switching off.

With neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy, you can learn how to ease the pressure inside your head. The difference between these two modalities and other therapies is that their focus is on making changes within at the level where permanent change needs to occur – in the subconscious part of the mind. Cognitive behavioral therapy and counselling keep you in the logical area of the mind so will only ever have a limited benefit. Our sense of self, our habits, responses are all recorded in the subconscious mind so it makes sense this is the place to go to correct the habit/response/behavior. You wouldn’t put a plaster on a broken leg, it has to be fixed from within.

The hypnotherapy aspect, (and please forget about stage hypnotists) is a clinical one, to help you to be your best self. In the relaxed state, it is as if you can turn the metaphorical torch inwards – where the part of you that keeps you stressed lives and how not everything is life threatening, you can reprogram how you respond to different types of personality. Some of our responses are throw backs to when we were children, for example, an authoritative voice will immediately put us on guard so we re-program this, as we are not children anymore!

Using hypnotherapy to relax the mind and body, we use neuro-linguistic programming to re-frame and re-program how we want to be. Without the need to be in therapy for months or years, you can stop registering every hiccup in life as a major catastrophe and become instead, calmer on the inside and able to take things in your stride. Your children’s noise becomes the excitement at seeing you and your home life improves.

The benefits are about what you will gain by being more at ease within yourself. The only thing we have control over is ourselves, our reactions and behaviors.

Therefore, by deciding on how you want to be, you no longer let events determine your emotions and therefore, your behavior. Your mind finds a way to release tension because you can still have your thoughts but not emotionally engage with them or discount them because they are trying to elicit an emotion. Your life will improve and in my clinical practice, this is from just the first session.