Hypnosis: How Getting a Certificate Transformed My Life

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In the late 1960’s, I was a high school English teacher. After that in the early ’70’s, I had a major shift in my life that began with yoga and meditation. When the shift in my life took place, I began teaching my own classes. I taught visualization, healing, yoga, meditation, various workshops, and I did one-on-one transformational sessions with people. I called this “inner healing.” Not until 1987 did I find out that the work I did was also called “hypnotherapy.”

One day, I met a woman, and she told me that she’d become certified as a hypnotherapist. I said to her, “What did you learn there?” She told me what she’d learned, and I said, “That’s what I do!” And I now knew that this work for which I had deep passion could also be my career. So I became a certified hypnotherapist in 1987, and I began my work. I started out giving free hypnosis demonstrations every Friday night in Berkeley. Sometimes one person would come – and sometimes ten. I’d tell them what I did and show them, and I’d sell some tapes, and it began to grow from there.

I added to my inner healing work, helping people to transform their habits and accomplish what they wanted to do in their lives. I assisted them to reach states of higher consciousness and become the people they’d dreamed about becoming.

After this, my work began to grow exponentially. Having the certificate gave me a platform from which to launch the work I loved. First I taught in another hypnotherapy school, and I gave many classes and workshops.

I came to an understanding of inner healing as a process of experiencing, releasing and transforming the difficulties of life. One day, a woman I know said to me, “Why don’t you start a school?” Now, this seemed perfectly logical to me, as I’d been a teacher all my adult life, so I started a school. The school began to grow too. We’ve had several locations, and we’re now right across from the beautiful Lake Merritt in Oakland with a panoramic view of the lake.

I then began to branch out over the Internet with telecourses, teleseminars, online articles and more. I saw the infinite multiple streams of income that hypnosis can yield. I wrote a number of books and continue to do so, and I continue to see how assisting people to transform their lives can take many forms.

This is what we teach people in our school: how to use specific powerful tools to assist others to overcome their challenges, live their life purposes, and transform their lives. Getting my certificate made all the difference.