How To Overcome Stress-Related Hair Loss

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For a luxurious hair growth and hair health it is essential that one is healthy both physically and emotionally. The hair generally becomes lustreless and lifeless if one is emotionally upset. Eventually they become waxy and fall out. Stress and emotional imbalances can harm the hair in much the same way as they would harm the health of the heart. As soon as the stressful period is overcome the hair also begins to show a new found growth reaching its erstwhile vim and vigour before being restored to its full splendour.

Stress is about as inevitable as sunrise and sunset. The best one can do is to mitigate the effects of the stressor response by resorting to some simple stress-busting techniques. Try any of the following techniques to reduce the levels of your stress and see the difference it can make not only to your hair health but also general well-being.

o Deep breathing techniques: Many stress management techniques impress upon the benefits of deep breathing and its role in reducing stress levels. Simply speaking during periods of stress take deep breaths for up-to a count of ten and you will begin to experience almost immediate relaxation.

o Scenery: When stressed out aim to see any soothing or pleasant images or scenes while deep breathing and the stress level decreases tremendously.

o Meditations: Meditation is known to reduce stress levels since times immemorial. Meditation involves focusing upon the core of one’s being. Meditation serves to soothe the mind, body and emotions.

o Progressive Muscle Relaxation: This method involves progressive tightening of a group of muscles followed by almost immediate relaxation within seconds of these same groups of muscles. In many countries there are soft balls available that can be squeezed by the palm of the hand and released slowly.

o Martial arts: Martial arts keep the individual physically fit and mentally alert. There are several variants of martial arts and one can take up any one of them as a stress buster. One form – Tai Chi, a Chinese form of martial arts is often described as meditation in motion. Soft, flowing body movements with precision and force is its basic tenet.

o Yoga: Yoga works under the premise that the mind has a unseen connection with the body and breathing. Yoga restores balance and harmony in the body and emotions through various breathing exercises and postures. As a means of relaxation, Yoga is often resorted to by many people under the aegis of a qualified trainer.

o Biofeedback and autogenic training are other means of reducing stress undertaken in a medical center.

Thus some simple measures can ameliorate stress and indirectly help in correcting the stress-related hair loss.