How to Get Over Stage Fright When Speaking in Public

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Stage fright or speaking in public is one the most pervasive of fears. In fact, many people who have been surveyed stated that they fear speaking in public as much as heights or even dying. The psychological reasons may be numerous, but it basically comes down to being in a situation where you are being looked at and potentially judged by an audience.

In some ways, stage fright is a good thing as it helps prepare you for going in front of an audience, but too much can rob you of your self confidence and ability to perform or speak in public. The good news is that there are methods you can use to get over your stage fright and speak with more confidence in front of an audience. You will need a little practice, but in the end these tips will help you reduce your stage fright.

Focus on Your Goal

Basically, you will need to shift your focus away from the fear of what might happen to why you are speaking in front of an audience. You are contributing something positive and of value that needs to be conveyed. By focusing on why you are in front of an audience, it will reduce your fear.

Practice Relaxing Exercises

There are a number of things that you can do to help lower the fear before speaking in front of an audience which includes the following;

– Deep Breathing

– Meditation

– Yoga

– Relaxation Exercises and More

You should engage in these relaxation techniques whenever you feel anxious or the fear of speaking starts to rise. They will help calm you down by taking the focus away from your fear.

Limit Caffeine, Sugar, and Alcohol

All three can cause you to feel more anxious as a result of their intake. While alcohol is a depressant, it is not only mostly ineffective it can lead to dependency and result in becoming an alcoholic. Instead, you’ll want to eat right and drink plenty of water to avoid having any stimulants in your body which might augment the feelings of anxiety.

Visualize Your Success

You will need to see in your mind that your presentation goes well from beginning to end. Focus on your strength in handling this challenging situation and making the most of it. By focusing on success, you will naturally work towards being successful when you speak to an audience.

Stop Scaring Yourself With What Might Go Wrong

No one is perfect and nobody has delivered the perfect speech or presentation. Perfection is not important, it is conveying the information that you have to the public which is important. So, stop being scared of making mistakes and instead focus on getting what is important across to your audience. Put images in your mind of being in a relaxing place while focusing on your speech one line at a time.

In the end, focusing on the content of what you are trying to say instead of what might go wrong will help immensely in overcoming your stage fright. Be natural and be yourself and you will do alright when it comes time to speak.