How to Exercise the LES Muscle Using Relaxation Method

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The Lower Esophageal Sphincter commonly known as LES muscle, is responsible for controlling stomach contents, by allowing the food to pass easily through the esophagus and closing to prevent stomach acid from backing up into the food channel (esophagus). However, it can weaken for several reasons, including; Physical changes, like weight loss or simply getting older, unhealthy eating habits, bacterial infections, unstable digestive system, genetics or heredity reasons. You can exercise the LES muscle in order to prevent acid reflux disorders.

Obesity is a major cause of heartburn problems because the weight applies pressure on the abdomen which puts extra pressure on the stomach. The whole process causes acid reflux from the stomach to back up into the pipe food, this weakens the LES muscles, so if you shed a pound or two, it may help you with your heartburn problem. Healthy diet and How to exercise the LES muscle using relaxation method is the key to get rid of heartburn and acid reflux problems.

When you overeat or if your diet is not healthy and proper, you can end up with the symptoms of heartburn and other severe digestive illnesses. Unhealthy food habits can put pressure on your stomach and disturb the toxic and acidic balance in your body, thus resulting in stomach acid flaring upwards into the esophagus. This process causes irritation in the chest and throat, and you may feel a sore taste in your mouth due to acid reflux.

Quit smoking, avoid caffeine and quit eating unhealthy food as these are the main components that trigger and weaken the LES muscles. There are various LES muscle exercises that can help strengthening the muscle, however, the most recommended method is relaxation therapy. Relaxation method is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux, and eases the pain and anxiety caused by them.

You should exercise the LES muscle using relaxation techniques like; progressive muscle relaxation, auto genic training, meditation, guided imagery, digestive techniques, etc. These methods are very helpful in reducing heartburn symptoms and acid reflux and these exercises also heal and strengthen your LES muscle. By keeping an eye on what you eat and maintaining relaxation techniques, you can really help to minimize acid reflux symptoms.

Hence, if your heartburn and acid reflux symptoms get worse, it is recommended to start implementing changes in your lifestyle. You should take note of the food that triggers heartburn, making a list of safe and unsafe food will be very beneficial for your health. Moreover, using relaxation method can provide results beyond expectation. If you truly follow and properly use these relaxation techniques, you will improve your overall condition.