How Stress Caused The Death Of My Father – Immune System Stress Syndrome

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Are you constantly feeling sick with flu and cold symptoms that never seem to go away? Is extreme fatigue and low energy levels becoming a normal part of your everyday life? If you answered yes to these questions then you may be suffering from immune system stress syndrome.

Speaking from personal experience, I can relate to these physical manifestations of sickness that are caused by stress. You see, for years my father suffered the same daily symptoms as described above. He was probably sick three weeks out of the month with a cough, migraines, and with never enough energy to spend time with his family. His doctor usually prescribe him antibiotics because he believed that he had a virus. But in the end it was not the viruses that were the problem, it was stress.

How Can Stress Cause Physical Sickness?

This is one area of health that researchers have been studying very meticulously over the past decade. When experiencing physical viruses, sickness, and fatigue, most people are told by their doctor to treat the symptom and not the cause. Well the symptoms are easy to pay attention to because they are right in front of your face! If you have a cold then the doctor may prescribe cold medication. If you are developing skin rashes then your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic of sorts. However, 9 times out of 10 these symptoms are the result of stress and stress is very hard to detect on the surface. This is where immune system distress syndrome comes into the picture.

If you don’t already know it, stress kills – literally! And there are many forms of stress that can contribute to physical illness. Emotional stress, physical stress, psychological stress, stress from our environment – the list goes on. Regardless of what it is, stress has caused the death of thousands of people every year through physical manifestations of fatal diseases, such as cancer.

How Stress Caused My Father’s Cancer To Grow

In early summer of 2001, I got a dreaded call from my father. He told me that he had colon cancer and the doctors only gave him 1 year to live. Regardless to say, I was shocked, and I asked him how this could have happened. After a long conversation he opened up information to me about how he had actually discovered his cancer six months prior, but didn’t want to tell us because the doctor said that with proper positive stimulation, and the STRESS-FREE environment, he could survive.

Needless to say, he explained that the last six months of his life was the most stressful times he had ever experienced. Because of the discovery of his colon cancer, his business fell apart, his marriage dissolved, and all of this stress, both emotional stress and psychological stress, caused his cancer to grow. He believed that it was the result of immune system stress syndrome. Because his immune system is already weakened by chemotherapy, the added stress such as cancer into overdrive.

Please, do not let stress take you this far down that path. Get help before it’s too late!