Having Plastic Surgery? Here’s How to Relax Before the Appointment

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It’s relatively common for most plastic surgery patients, especially first timers, to experience anxiety in the days leading up to the appointment. Here are some tricks to make the day of the operation less daunting.

1. Trust the Doctor

If you complete background research, you can find a surgeon who is truly an expert in his or her specialized field. You can check to make sure the doctor is board-certified, has no history of medical malpractice suits, and has hospital privileges at a hospital you feel comfortable with. Also, it is important to remember that the surgeon has likely performed the surgery hundreds or thousands of times before, so you are in good hands.

2. Yoga and Meditation

Many studies have revealed that yoga helps reduce stress while improving overall health. The breathing and meditation poses combine physical and mental disciplines for peacefulness of the mind and body. A calmer mind and lower stress levels will make the morning of the surgery a better experience. Even though there are many beginner level videos and books, it is best to start classes with an instructor who can modify poses based on your strength and flexibility.

3. Tell Your Surgeon

If any doubts or concerns arise, it is best to consult the surgeon. He or she will be able to put your mind at ease and answer any questions. This goes hand-in-hand with your research because the surgeon will provide statistics, facts, and answers to any questions you may have. If medically necessary, the surgeon may provide a prescription for a temporary, anti-anxiety medication.

4. Listen to Music

Studies have shown that listening to calming tunes before a stressful event will soothe one’s mind. Classical music is a top choice, but any genre that contributes to relaxation will work. Also, you can purchase a CD that includes breathing techniques and guided imagery to help develop relaxation techniques. Practicing these before the appointment can become part of a relaxing ritual.

5. Get Support

Having supportive family and friends will make all the difference when going in for a plastic surgery procedure. Be sure to have a trusted person there the morning of and at home immediately after to help with any additional care.

Regardless of the type of procedure, invasive or non-invasive, plastic surgery is becoming routine and common. Practicing these tips will certainly ensure a smoother experience and help keep one’s mind at ease before the big day.