Having a Spiritual Hernia – Spiritual Education

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I have read more information on spirituality, world religions, self-help, motivation and inspirational thinking than you could ever imagine. I probably have about 300 books and about a hundred audios that I could listen to on these subjects. But let’s not forget that I have over 200 DVDs and VHS tapes also. Oh I forgot to mention that in October of 2007 my house burned down and along with it was what I would like to refer to it as my lifetime collection on these topics. If I had to value this collection, it would be almost $20,000 in materials.

Now the one thing that the fire provided me with, was a chance to start over and in less than a year of literary accumulation, I’m off to a good start. I have been studying over my lifetime with extreme persistence on how to better my life, which religion to follow and how to make more money.

If someone was to ask me, what I’ve learned and what books would I recommend, I’ve got quite a list. I built a website last year to support some of my favorite authors and to help others gather great materials for changing their life. Some of these books have given me what I would like to call a spiritual hernia. So much information and so little time to go through it.

I often ask myself, was this the best use of my time? Could I have done it another way? I really don’t know, and I really don’t know what will work exactly for you or your friends. I will give you some advice, meditation, contemplation, and meditation, seemed to be the key to a higher spiritual education. Whatever religion you belong to, whether it’s Christianity, Hinduism or Islamic thinking, you can spend a little time with your self thinking about your religious choices, on a daily basis.

Simply sit quietly in a comfortable environment for 15 minutes each day. Try to relax, without falling asleep and clear your mind of any thoughts you have during this period. Try to do this every day and soon you will start to see things a little bit clearer. It seems like meditation strips off the layers of crap that are clouding our minds.

Start with 15 minutes and when you feel comfortable, try to extend the time. Some spiritual and inspirational experts, block out at least one hour each day to spend meditating, thinking about the day’s events or just trying to get some creative insight for the next day.

I would also like to recommend, one of the best books that I have read on spirituality, laws of attraction and even meditation. The book is by Arnold Patent called “You Can Have It All.” This book was also recommended by Oprah Winfrey and other motivational and spiritual authors.

Meditation can provide you with relaxation and creative insight for solving your problems or can be used, just to clear your mind for a while.