Guided Imagery And Its Benefits

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Guided imagery is described as a state of relaxation, calmness, and reflection that is achieved with the help of imaginary thoughts and directions. Mainly, it is based on the mind and body concept where you can experience a relaxed state through your imagination. These natural and heightened states of consciousness and relaxation will enhance your emotional, physical, and the mental states through your positive thinking and suggestions. If you make use of all your senses, your entire body would respond to your imaginations as if it is really happening.

For instance, if you are sitting in your garden or in the beach, your body will automatically be in a relaxed state. Also, this deep thinking process will help in enhancing your health, attitude, and well-being. You can be able to efficiently control your anger or emotions by guiding your thought process in a particular direction.

The guided imagery can also be used for treating stress-related disorders and lowering the blood pressure. This was also proven effective in terms of losing weight and quitting smoking. Most importantly, this technique is efficient in eradicating fears of public speaking and calming the speaker’;s nerves.

Hypnosis Vs. Guided Imagery

Hypnosis is the process where some thoughts occurred in relation to the mind and body. Guided imagery, on the other hand, is an experience that is more than visual. It makes use of imagination with taste, smell, and sounds. It actually has a general theme for finishing specific goals such as quitting bad habits, losing weight, dealing with pain, and many more. Although these concepts have already been around for centuries, it has only gained popularity recently. Indeed, this is an excellent stress buster and a unique relaxation technique that can be achieved through the coordination of physical and mental processes.

Visualization is the term used to describe such process. This imagery state will strengthen your mind just like how exercises can strengthen your body. It can actually create a physical or psychological state if you begin activating your sense or if you imagine yourself in a new environment. This state of imagery has been proven to boost the body’;s immune system as well as increase the positive thinking within you, reducing depression.

Among the biggest benefits of utilizing guided imagery as a therapeutic tool is that it can easily be accessed. It can be used anytime and anywhere. Also, it is an equal opportunity therapy. Although some training in the techniques may be required, it is accessible to everyone, regardless of your education, economic status or location.