Facing the Risks of Diabetes

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When you are dealing with type 2 diabetes, you have to be ready for a lot more than just this single medical condition. This is due to the fact that diabetes, especially when not handled properly, can lead to other severe complications that could be detrimental to one’;s life. As a diabetic, you have to be aware of the risks involved once you have been diagnosed with this disease. There are tons of materials in the web to guide you in your fight against type 2 diabetes. Having the right diet, exercise and stress management strategies can definitely help you in preventing these complications from occurring.

One of the most common complications bought by diabetes is kidney failure. Majority of kidney diseases are caused by diabetes due to the high level of glucose found in the body that could destroy the vessels in the kidney. This results to the inability of the kidney to function in filtering wastes in the body which is crucial to stay healthy. Diabetic persons undergo dialysis to address kidney failure in order to filter blood and release all unnecessary wastes and water. Meanwhile, others diabetics wait for a kidney transplant once they find the right donor.

Likewise, elevated amount of sugar in the blood vessels can lead to thickening and clogging that could result in various cardiovascular diseases. With diabetes, there is not enough insulin in the body or if there is, it is not functioning properly. In turn, glucose builds up in to the body instead of being broken down to be used as energy. Here, the body is more prone to heart failure and strokes due to the vessels not working as it should. Apart from this, most diabetics have problems in their weight as well as high blood pressure which contribute to possible heart conditions. Around 80% of diabetic patients die of a cardiovascular disease which is why it is crucial to regulate the level of glucose by having a better lifestyle routine as well as taking the necessary medications.

Eye complications and blindness can also be a result of having diabetes. Whether it’;s glaucoma, retinopathy or cataract, these could all be a possible condition of people with type 2 diabetes. Since excess blood sugar could affect the condition of the capillaries, the function of the eye could be damaged. It is important to have a regular check up with your ophthalmologist to ensure that you are treating your vision problems and preventing them from getting worse that could lead to blindness.

Neuropathy or damage to the nerves is also a risk when you are a diabetic especially if you have this disease for a long time already. There are different possible reasons why nerves are being damaged due to diabetes and one of these is the fact that the blood vessels are not working properly to nourish the nerves. Nerve disorders could have been diagnosed in a lot of ways from severe pain to numbness in any part of the body. For those with diabetes, keeping the glucose level down and an active lifestyle could delay or prevent nerve damage from happening.