Endometriosis Cure – Natural Cures For Endometriosis

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An endometriosis cure is something which many women seek to get rid of the painful symptoms caused by this condition.

Endometriosis is caused when the tissue which normally only grows inside the womb begins to grow outside the womb, usually attaching itself to other organs. It behaves in a similar manner to the tissue inside the womb in that it bleeds each month during menstruation.

As you might imagine, this can cause painful symptoms, including:-

* Painful periods, cramps and pelvic pain

* Sciatica

* Ovulation pain

* Pain during intercourse

* Bowel and urinary problems

* Fatigue

* Digestive problems

* Infertility

A conventional endometriosis cure would usually consist of two elements. Hormonal treatment, to try to stop the action of estrogen which is thought to worsen symptoms, and surgery, to remove specific individual areas of tissue. In addition, hysterectomy is sometimes considered in particularly bad cases.

A natural cure for endometriosis is an approach which many women prefer as this does not involve surgery and as it is natural, it would not normally have any side effects. There are a number of measures which can be taken.

Reduce Chemical Intake– Many women have found that by reducing toxins and environmental chemical they have helped their endometriosis symptoms

Avoid Eating Animal Fats and Processed Meats– A study in Italy showed that women who ate a diet high in these elements were more likely to have endometriosis

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables– It has been shown that increasing the amount of these foods can help as part of an overall endometriosis cure strategy. Broccoli, kale, sprouts and cabbage are all particularly useful

Increase Intake Of Omega 3– Oily fish is rich in this particular oil

Reduce Stress– Women who have actively taken steps to reduce stress have seen a reduction in their endometriosis symptoms