Effective Home Spa Treatment Using Peat Therapy

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The patient slowly enters your office with noticeable pain, carrying records inches thick. After establishing rapport for fifteen minutes, taking the history for an hour and doing a physical exam for twenty minutes, you find yourself already over time. Treatment time? Next visit perhaps – that is if the patient returns.

How many times do you find yourself in this situation?

Effective history taking and physical exams take time. That is reality. The other reality is that the patient walks away feeling frustrated. They are tired, sick or in pain, and have to wait until the next office visit for what they came for in the first place – treatment. You are also frustrated because you desired to improve your patient’;s condition on the first visit. As a result, both the physician and patient are not completely satisfied.

Adding a therapeutic, safe and inexpensive expectant treatment is an effective solution. Outpatient treatment alleviates time pressure because you now have a tool that patients can do at home. The need to rush through the history and physical is no longer necessary. Take your time; be thorough. Now many of your patients may treat themselves at home.

This outpatient treatment is Balneotherapy .

Balneotherapy is simply hydrotherapy combined with the therapeutic baleno-grade peat. Hydrotherapy trips numerous conditions and has only a few contraindications. Educating the patient for this in-house procedure takes about ten minutes. Training a physician to use the therapeutic product effectively takes about an hour. It can be done over the phone, internet or in-office.

What is Balneo-grade peat? Balneo-grade peat is peat suited for therapeutic spa treatments. There are strict standards set by The Czech Ministry of Health which demand safety and quality of health products. The Ministry of Health is the European agency similar to America’;s Food and Drug Administration. Samples of peat are sent to The Ministry of Health for testing. The peat must not contain heavy metals, radiation or other toxins. The peat must contain a specific amount of water, sulfur, humic acids, fulvic acids, cellulose and be in an appropriate stage of humification. If any of these conditions are not met, the peat is marked inferior grade, not suitable for hydrotherapy.

The Czech Ministry of Health received, tested and approved Torf Krasno peat for hydrotherapy spa use . This peat is now available in the United States and Canada. Torf Krasno Balneo-grade peat is unlike peat most people know. Torf Krasno peat is in a natural state, non-pasteurized and without additives or preservatives. Torf Krasno harvests, stirs and packages the peat into patented packaging which allows safe storage for more than one year.

A brief introduction about Torf Krasno is necessary.

Torf Krasno is the largest and most famous peat supplier in the Czech Republic. Torf Krasno supplies countless famous spas, clinics and hotels in Europe. One such famous spa area Torf Krasno supplies is Karlovy Vary. Individuals, nobility and travelers come from the world over to receive spa treatments at Karlovy Vary. Each year, in Europe alone, Torf Krasno supplies balneo peat for more than 500,000 therapeutic procedures. Torf Krasno balneo peat is new to the United States market. It is already providing to be an asset for various doctors, clinics and spas.

What are the uses of peat?
home use by patients, numerous uses and applications are available. The following are some easy applications and uses of peat therapy for home use by patients:

Bathing in hot water with peat:

  • musculoskeletal pains,
  • aches,
  • stiffness
  • mobility issues
  • chronic arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • scoliosis
  • detoxification
  • post-workout stress
  • insomnia
  • relaxation
  • infertility
  • immune system stimulation
  • eczema

Bathing in warm water with peat:

  • lower blood pressure

Bathing in neutral water with peat:

  • heavy metal detoxification [esp lead]
  • stress relief
  • insomnia
  • relaxation

Cold peat pack on localized affected area:

  • acute arthritic pain and swelling
  • acute sprain
  • acute tendonitis
  • acute spasm

Hot peat pack on localized affected area:

  • frozen shoulder
  • chronic sprain
  • chronic tendonitis
  • mobility issues
  • pain
  • cellulite reduction

With well-written instructions and a brief discussion in the office, your patient now leaves your clinic with hope. You have likely secured a return office call, a referral and a patient who is on their way to recovery.

Another benefit: It is essential that patients take part in their own path to recovery. Hydrotherapy allows this to take place. No longer does the patient have to wade through another appointment and spend additional money to receive their first treatment. By their return office call, their health is improved and you may focus on the defect issue or address another.

With this effective and efficient treatment your patient’;s health and pocketbook thank you. The cost of peat bath treatment is minimal compared to in-office treatment. Natural medicine is meant to treat the masses, not only the affluent. This effective therapy allows all the chance to regain health without exceptional cost, only $ 10 for each home treatment. For more information on peat therapy and Balneo-grade peat, please contact us or visit our Wholesale Spa Product Information [http://www.healthegoods.com/wholesale_spa_products_torfkrasno.htm] page.

Peat therapy may be done in a clinic setting and for some patients, this is recommended. A clinic setting allows procedures that can not be done at home. If a clinic is not set up for baths, Balneo-grade peat is available in single-foment packs.

All products are explained online in the Hydrotherapy and Spa Products section. Please email or phone with any questions.

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