Don’t Sell Yourself Short – How to Price Your Services

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Whether you’re a new or established career professional, pricing can be a constant puzzle; especially when you start talking to other people in the industry or surfing the web. There are so many pricing models, fees, products and services out there.

Don’t sell yourself short or get caught up with what other people are charging. Instead, step back and look at what you’re really selling:

1. Your years of expertise in the career industry, and the peace of mind of having you as a partner.

2. Ongoing accountability and motivation of having you involved in the process.

3. Through the coaching and/or resume writing process, you will address key career issues that have been holding your client back from success.

4. Through the coaching and/or resume writing process, you will define and describe your client’s career goals and direction.

5. The financial security and stress relief after your client successfully gets that job, gets that promotion, pay raise or other career goal they have been going after for so long.

These benefits are invaluable. When you couple them with your concrete products such as career assessment reports, books, special reports, interview role-play sessions or a CD of their resume in different formats, I hope that you can see just how valuable your services really are.

Remember – a person who earns $100K per year is losing approximately $2,000 each week he or she is not employed. So do not just attach a price to your products, assign a value that represents everything you offer.