Coaching Cheerleading – Organization is the Key to Success

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Coaching a cheerleading team is a very fulfilling way to pursue the sport well after you’re out of school. Unfortunately, balancing your job, your personal life, and the responsibilities as cheerleading coach can be hard. If your your looking to cut down the stress and enjoy your position as coach one of the best things you can do for your self is get organized. As a coach, being well prepared will lead to less stress, a happier team, and a more successful year. Things will run much smoother if you take a few simple steps to create an organized method to your cheerleading madness. The following tips and suggests will bring back the sense of enjoyment that every coach should have.

  • Keep a Binder: There is certain information a cheerleading coach should carry with her at all times. By keeping information in a binder you’ll have everything at your finger tips when you have an emergency or need to update cheerleaders on new information. Include the following things in your binder for a quick reference:

    • Medical Information/Emergency Contact Information for Each Team Member
    • Updated Copies of Team Roster ( make a few so you can take attendance)
    • List of Cheers and Routines
    • Information for Upcoming events like fundraisers or competitions
    • List of team rules and policies
  • Make a Master Calendar: Keep a master calendar where you can jot down important dates. Keeping one major calendar dedicated to cheerleading will help you keep a firm grasp on what’s is happening and when. From this calendar you can create monthly calendars for your cheerleaders.
  • Keep a Travel Bag: As a cheerleading coach you will find that you are on the go a lot. Both home and away games require you to keep several things on hand. By keeping a travel bag filled with the necessities you’ll be able to go at a moments notice knowing that you have everything you need. Keep these items in your travel bag:

    • Copies of Medical/Emergency Information
    • First Aid Kit
    • Extra Uniform Pieces
    • Gloves
    • Shoe Laces
    • Back-up Routine Tapes
    • A few bottles of water
  • Create a Team Website: Take advantage of the internet and use it to create a website for your team. Include a list of events, contact information, practice/game schedule, and fundraising information. By keeping all of these things online your cheerleaders and their parents will be able to get information at the click of a mouse.
  • Give Cheerleaders Bi-monthly Calenders: Keep cheerleaders informed by providing them with a calendar of events every two months. Two months will give the girls enough time to make arrangements for upcoming games, competitions, fundraisers, or trips. Be as diligent as possible with this and you will find your team members will be more prepared and organized which will make your life easier.
  • Have a Helper: Whether its an assistant coach or the team captain, having someone to help you keep the team organized will make your job easier. Have this person take attendance, keep track of things like deadlines, or assist in leading practices.