Candles and Aromatherapy to Create Ambiance and Relaxation in the Spa

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The soothing ambiance of candle light is conducive to relaxation. Candles are used mainly for their aesthetic value and scent, particularly to set a soft, warm and elegant ambiance. Candles set the stage for spa treatments. Candles are mesmerizing and conjure the feeling of serenity. Candles symbolize enlightenment, inspirations, and comfort.

The History of Candles

People have used candles to light their way for centuries. Ancient Egyptians used rush-lights, made by soaking a core of reeds in tallow.

Romans were the first to develop the wick candle, using it to aid night time travel as well as lighting homes and places of worship.

The Egyptians depended on tallow, gathered from cattle or sheep suet, as the main ingredient in candles. In the Middle Ages, beeswax, a substance secreted by honey bees to make honeycomb, was introduced.

Candles Today

In modern times, candles are used for special occasion such as on a birthday to decorate the birthday cake, for a romantic setting, religious symbolism or relaxing ambience. A candle represents love and hope, it wipes out darkness.

Essential Oils and Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser with a tea light candle as the heat source is used to disperse aromatherapy scent to bring a sense of peace and tranquility within the spa. Essential oil fragrance is used as a healing and uplifting therapy. Essential oils do more than fragrance the spa. They emit soft, subtle scents that have the power to enhance the mood and lift your spirits.

Popular Essential Oils

Lemon – Invigorating

Lavender – Calming

Rosemary – Energising

Sandalwood – Exotic and relaxing

Neroli – Refreshing

The natural fragrance of essential oils and the glow of candle light creates a warm and welcoming spa atmosphere.

Massage Candles

Body Massage Candles can be used for an all over body for Therapeutic Massage. The melted candle is used as massage oil. The oil is only slightly warmer than body temperature as they melt at a lower temperature (much lower than candle wax). When applied the warm oil to your body, the warm oil helps to relax the body.