Can Stress Lead To An Affair?

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Stress and extra-marital affairs go hand in hand. When most people think of their spouse having an affair they fail to see the connection. It’;s true. Marital stress, career stress, financial stress, and other forms of stress can be the trigger that leads to a cheating husband or wife.

An affair is almost always a bi-product of a bigger problem. One of the most common of those larger problems is stress. Some common signs of stress in a marriage are as follows:

Is Your Spouse Withdrawn or Always Angry?

Several people have explosive outbursts because they are stressed out. Others withdrawal and became distant. A marriage is a partnership. A healthy marriage requires both parties to work together in order to make the marriage work. When one member of a marriage is overly emotional and the other person is emotionally distant fosters an environment where either member of the marriage could potentially look outside the marriage to full-fill the needs that are not being met at home. Stressed out individuals very rarely can see the effects their stress has on other people.

Does Your Spouse Always Seem Like He Or She Wants To Run Away?

If your spouse always looks like they are trying to escape, that is a tell-tale sign of stress. Stressed out people are often desperate to get away from whatever the source of their stress is. If their marriage is the source of their stress then the person they are having an affair with representatives freedom from that stress. They paint this person as perfect because they do not see them on a daily basis, if they did that view-point would quickly change.

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence

It is a natural reaction for stressed out people to view every other situation as better than their own. He or she may may even start to compare themselves to other people and how their situation is better. These types of people must have everything they ever dreamed of and are envious of the people who already have the things that they want. This type of attitude is bound to add stress to any relationship. When your spouse has this type of view of the world he or she may make unconscious decisions to try to get those things.

Those things could even include people, such as someone else’;s husband or wife. By the time they realize that maybe their situation was not so bad it’;s usually after that situation is gone.

As you can see, stress is a huge contributing factor to extra maritime affairs. If you sense that stress is creeping into your marriage, it’;s time to take action now so that it doesnt lead down the path to cheating.