Being Unreasonably Angry

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Anger is a negative emotion and if you fail to control it, it will end up controlling you. Being unreasonably angry is usually thought about either by stress, impatience or frustration or sometimes all of them! Unfortunately, the people who suffer as a result of your anger are those closest to you.

Your closest and dearest do not deserve to be the victims of your sudden outbursts when most of the time the blame for your anger lies solely with you and your inability to control it. Even though you try to justify it by blaming others.

So by analyzing yourself and your actions you can probably find out why anger can take control of you and your life.

Are you impatient?
Do you set your own standards too high?
Do you ask too much of yourself

When you have spent some time in answering these questions and have identified the main cause of your problem, a solution is easier to find when you are addressing the issues to stop being unreasonably angry.

So you have discovered what makes you unreasonably angry, now you need to learn what anger can do to you!

Your blood pressure goes sky high;
Your heart beat races abnormally;
Your stress levels are astronomical;
And finally it takes a period of time to calm down after such an outburst

So apart from taking your anger out on your family and those closest to you, you could experience a heart attack. This is all brought about by losing your temper and you need to ask yourself, for what?

For the sake of stopping whatever you are doing and walking away and closing your mind to whatever is bringing you to the verge of exploding. Channel your mind to all that is good in your life by counting your blessings. In focusing on this and encouraging your mind to think calmly you will be able to put your previous actions in perspective and you will wonder why you displayed such intense anger.

This feeling is far better than the feeling of regret that you will have when you have been taken over by unreasonable anger and have acted irresponsibly or irrationally and caused much more hurt or pain to something or someone.

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind – Ralph Waldo Emerson