Avoiding Financial Stress – Guilt Free Retail Therapy

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Look At Non-Traditional Sources Of Products

There are many non-traditional and genuine alternatives to retail stores where you can satisfy your shopping crave. These include looking online for bargains, going to yard sales, looking at swap sites, and recycling sites such as Freecycle. Craigslist and Gumtree also provide sources of giveaways. Second hand stores are among some of the main choices, and often charities run opportunity stores that have some excellent buys, with unbeatable prices.

Borrowing What You Need May Be Viable

Particularly for short term needs or wants, borrowing a friend or family member’s item may prove useful. Ask around in family and friends, and they may have what you are after, they may lend it to you for a short period, or they may know somebody who can give it to you freely or at a very cheap price so that you can have it permanently.

Swap It and Get A New Look

Sometimes you may look in your wardrobe and think that you need a style update, when really you just need to increase your variety; are there things that you haven’t worn for a while, but are still in excellent condition? Have your friends and family got any interest in coming to a clothes swap that you host? A clothes swap can even be extended to other goods where people bring a number of items, take what they want, and the rest can be donated to charity.

Follow The Non-Buying Blogging Mom

A blogging mother recently completed her journey of telling others how she survived after being made redundant from her job. She decided that she would avoid buying her toddler anything new for a whole year, and found that as she socialized and other’s became aware of her needs, she was able to swap a lot of items that were pre-loved, but in most excellent condition. She got through the year with a lot more items than she needed, and was overwhelmed by people’s generosity.

Look at Craigslist and Gumtree for Giveaways

Do you need a new mower? A new couch? A new dining setting? Often times people have upgraded and are giving away their old one in excellent condition. Have a look under the giveaway sections, and ask the people to send you photos of the items. Beware though of some second hand baby goods, as they may not be safe for use due to being in poor condition. Baby safety is extremely important, and baby goods need to comply with the latest child safety regulations for your country. Don’t ever compromise on safety.

Charity, Opportunity Stores, Yard Sales and Tip Stores

Before you go investing in a brand new garden setting or that new barbecue, or looking for home decorating items, or other necessities, have a look through second hand goods stores such as charity stores, neighborhood opportunity stores and also attend yard sales on the weekend, so that you can pick up some excellent buys. Tender stores also operate where you can go to a large warehouse and put silent bids on various types of goods, from exercise equipment, home appliances to vehicles. Your local city waste recycling and waste management center may also have on it a second hand goods store. They can be a tremendous source of bargains, where goods in perfect condition have been rescued from being used as land fill.

There are many options where you can stretch your financial dollar further, have a guilt free retail shopping experience, and avoid financial stress.