One of the first tests in determining a level of your own personal emotional security is your proficiency in handling stressful and pressure packed situations. To create a successful communicative working atmosphere and a harmonious home environment, you need to maintain a level of emotional self-control when challenged with difficult […]

Depression is one of the most disabling illnesses in the world today and one of the most costly. Every year, billions of dollars are spent in medical and insurance costs, unemployment, lost wages, relationship and marriage breakdowns, addictions and suicides. Even though there are effective treatments available, many people do […]

Are you one of those folks who have never tried yoga? How about one of those grown up teenagers who likes cow tipping and thought you might knock over your sister when she was doing yoga? Yes, I know that is fun isn’t it? I have done this on many […]

Racial Discrimination is the Workplace is Common. Unfortunately, there are still individuals who have to deal with racial discrimination in the workplace. A study at Rutgers University in 2002 determined that workplace discrimination is a common phenomenon. Twenty eight per cent of African American workers have experienced discrimination in the […]

Here are some important tips that can help lessen your blushing problem: Almost everyone has good intentions towards you, and wants you to be happy and successful. Keep that in mind always. Other people are often too concerned with how they look and how they are perceived to be worried […]

Many people who have long dreamed of being self-employed, or owning their own business, allow their desire to simply remain a dream. For each person, the reasons will differ, but at the core, for most people, is a belief that they would find not having a guaranteed income too stressful. […]