Anger Management Techniques – Five Strategies to Take Control of Your Anger Quickly

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Do you get angry easily? If you’re losing your temper a lot, chances are good that you have an anger management problem. But you can get back into the driver’s seat. Read on to discover five highly effective anger management techniques that will help you control your anger in a hurry.

1) Breathe

Take a deep breath, let it out very slowly, and then do it again at least 10 times! Here’s why it’s so effective: it stimulates a key nerve in your body that makes your body stop producing stress hormones and make calming hormones instead. As a result, you’ll feel a lot calmer.

2) Get away

Remove yourself from the upsetting situation. Run an errand. Get a cup of coffee. Go for a walk around the block. You can even explain that you need to take a quick time out — or excuse yourself to use the facilities.

Getting a bit of distance will help the other techniques work more effectively — and even allow you to use them, starting with the one above. After all, it’s kind of hard to stand in front of a person you’re angry with and start taking really long slow breaths…

3) Take your nose off the screen

This is one of Roger Mellott’s highly effective stress management techniques, and it works well for managing anger as well. The idea is that if you have your nose on the TV screen, you won’t see the big picture. Yet if you back up a bit, you will. So think about how you’ll feel about this issue in a week or even a year.

4) Lower your stress

As you’ve seen in the tip above, stress management techniques can really help you keep a lid on anger. So make it a point to learn more about how to reduce the stress in your life. There are three aspects to that. Make your life less stressful overall, for example with better time management, make yourself more resilient to stress, and have a ready arsenal of instant stress relievers handy at all times — and remember to use them.

All three are important, but for the purpose of controlling outbursts of anger, the third one is the most crucial, so start there.

5) Study up on anger management techniques

Finally, it’s important to understand how anger works, why it’s so important to tame it and how to do so. The more you learn, the better you get at it.