Anger – Health Affects and Control

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What is anger?

By definition Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility. It is a strong emotion that can cause a loss of self-control.

Studies highlighting the adverse effects of anger on people indicate poorly managed anger could cause various health problems and affect the person in the long run.

Anger has been linked to depression; although a study found out that, anger problems in interviews that Wives are more likely to associate anger with depression symptoms while husbands tend to associate anger with health problems.

In another study, it was found that anger can cause flesh wounds to heal slower than normal. Those who had poor control over anger have slower healing process. Besides that, they were also found to have more cortisol which is a stress hormone in their system suggesting that they are more stressed out in difficult situations compared to normal people.

A health study in men, found that those that express hostile feelings can subquently have breathing problems in a parallel way, which leads to or contribute to a decline in pulmonary function as they age.

Children and adolescents that have poor anger management control were shown to have increased risk of personal relationship problems. Poor anger management will negatively influence their mental and general health.

It is important to take steps to learn how to effectively manage anger as anger can present in many aspects of life along with stress.

7 Good Reasons Too Control Your Anger

Why should you control your anger? I believe there are 7 good reasons to keep you from losing your temper.

  1. Anger causes irrational actions and these actions will be negatively reflected on your personality
  2. Unwise words are spoken when in anger. Words spoken are not retractable. So think before you speak and best to control your emotions before speaking.
  3. Anger will only hurt the person who is angry. The person on the wrong side will escape unharmed.
  4. Anger will lead to shame.
  5. Consequences caused by anger can be more devastating than the reasons of anger.
  6. Being angry is just falling into a trap that someone sets up so that they can conquer you.
  7. If you are angry at someone’;s fault, turn to yourself and study your own faults as well. It might not be the other person’;s fault.

Although anger is normal due to today’;s fast-paced life, anger can lead to other emotions such as bitterness, vengeance or hate and as discussed earlier may cause health problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack or depression. Some might counter anger through food or alcohol. Whenever you feel any negative feeling rising within yourself it is best to try and alleviate the tension to regain control, try these 7 simple techniques:

  1. Breathe deeply and continuously while counting till 10. If you still feel angry, repeat the step until you cool down. While counting, it might help to imagine the person you are angry with is naked and just wearing socks. This may help you to cool down and smile.
  2. Take a walk. Do some light exercise. Stretch out. It is important to breath to let your brain get enough oxygen to analyze the matter and calm down.
  3. Write down the reasons of your anger. Once you write it down in detail, review it once more. You might find that the reasons seem very important at first but once on paper, you will feel that the reasons are insignificant. Throw or burn the paper to shift all your anger.
  4. Meditate. Take several moments to fall back and meditate. Breathe clearly and clear your mind before acting.
  5. Understand your opponent. Try to look from your opponent’;s point of view. Anger can blind you from absurd and funny reasons of why you are angry with someone.
  6. Say your prayers and be grateful. Instead of being angry, try to look for things that make you feel lucky for being alive. It may be your good health, your work or just seeing a sun shining brightly above you.
  7. Hold on to your values. Think of your personality and what you strive to be. Do you want to be someone who uses anger to get what you want. There is goodness inside everyone and it is just waiting to be unleashed. Put it to good use!