An Exclusive Univera Review: Start Of A New Era

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Univera is an MLM company which provides a number of nutritional supplements as well as services. They have emerged as a major network marketing firm, and are known for the amazing business opportunity that they provide. They also have a well-defined compensation plan. In this network marketing system, you earn 15% on the direct signups, as well as 5% on the down-line, depending on the rank which you achieve. Apart from that, they also have 2% profit sharing scheme for the distributors who reach a particular rank. Not only that, they also offer BMW car scheme, which enables the reps to collect an additional amount of $1,600 every month towards repayment of a BMW.

The product line of Univera Healthcare boasts of a number of amazing products, which include Xtra, an advanced cell renewal supplement which would help you in renewing as well as restoring your cells and help them function at optimal levels. This scientifically devised active-botanical as well as nutritional supplement supports vital energy, improves focus and mental clarity, helps in managing stress, as well as promoting joint comfort and flexibility. So, you get an improved feeling of vitality, and you feel more energetic. Not only that, the company also offers a 90-day guarantee on this product. However, this product is so good that the need of doing so may never arrive eventually.

Xperia Concentrate is another amazing product from the house of Univera. It is a natural, cell renewal formula, which would provide adequate nutrients to your cells for combating the effects of the free radicals in your body. This amazing product is super-loaded with antioxidants protection, which equal around ten servings of vegetables and fruits. This supplement is also scientifically formulated and includes Protectin, which is a compound that has been known to improve joint comforts and flexibility. Apart from that, this product is laced with critical bioenergetics which increases energy. It also has stress-relief compounds which help in relaxation. It also helps in supporting the immune system of the body.

Inthinity MetaBurn is yet another amazing product in this line. This amazing fat loss supplement includes ingredients such as ephedra or ma huang, green tea extracts as well as bitter orange, which supports fat-burning sans any harmful side-effects. This amazing supplement includes BioResponse, which is a patented diindolylmethane complex, which helps in supporting hormonal balance.

Inthinity MetaPower is another amazing Univera Healthcare product, which can be very beneficial for you. It helps in maintaining a proper balance of vital fats for optimizing fat burning as well as energy production.

Now these products are so amazing, you can easily market them. Your friends and family members would definitely like them and would thank you for suggesting them such an amazing set of products.