ADHD Behavior, Exercise, and ADHD Children

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Most of us believe in the therapeutic value of exercise and sport. Adequate physical exercise increases blood flow and increases the levels of endorphins, especially serotonin, and acetylcholine in the brain. These help alleviate and reduce ADHD behavioral symptoms. Exercise helps combat ADHD behavior in ADHD children.

So how can appropriate exercise, such as playing with friends, sport or aerobic exercise help improve ADHD behavior?

Few can deny that it lifts your mood, the endorphins that are released in the brain create a euphoric feeling and reduce feelings of depression of which most people with ADHD experience. Regular aerobic exercise will provide a benefit to most children and adolescents that suffer with ADHD behavior problems.

Children will feel more confident when they achieve results in sports and this will certainly help improve your child’;s self-esteem.

Exercise is excellent in reducing stress and bottled-up emotions. ADHD children experience stress as a direct result of their ADHD behavior , the way it affects them and the people around them. It also releases pent up energy, ADHD children need adequate opportunities to release energy, especially with the hyperactive child. Exercise also helps children to settle down and relax. Exercise that provides the right amount of challenge without being too difficult or too easy can also help develop co-regulation.

ADHD children can often suffer from allergies. Exercise can help alleviate toxins by promoting the transference of gases in the lungs, breathing in oxygen and exhaling pollutants. The immune system is strengthened and white blood cells become increasingly efficient in absorbing toxins and pollutants. Muscles squeeze out by-products such as lactic acid. ADHD children usually find it difficult to follow relaxation exercises. Sports are a good alternative.

Sedentary behavior such as watching TV and playing computer games will not help regulate your child’;s ADHD behavior like exercise can. By working exercise into your child’;s daily schedule will help to produce a happier, relaxed and disciplined ADHD Child.