Acupuncture Stress Relief

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It is well known that stress is one of leading causes of illness. Stress manifests itself in your body in many different ways. The different types of stress that have an effect on your health are emotional / mental, mechanical and physiological stress. Acupuncture stress relief is a safe and a effective therapy that will greatly reduce the harmful effects of stress.

The key to preventative care is to determine what areas of your body are being affected by the stress in your life. In addition to the tight neck and shoulders that are common in people who have high stress levels, we need to consider the effect on different organisms, glands and the nervous system. Through detailed palpatory diagnostic methods, a skilled Licensed Acupuncturist is able to determine which organs and / or glands are most affected. In general, the Liver and Adrenal systems along with the Sympathic nervous system are involved. This is just a generalization, it is important for each individual to have thorough physical examination to determine what patterns of imbalance are presenting in their body.

With this information an individualized acupuncture stress relief treatment can be constructed for each individual patient. The acupuncture treatment will then be focused on resolving the specific issues uncoated in the diagnosis and can be confirmed by the elimination of specific reflexes. This method of treatment relieves the effects the stress was placing on your body and better equips your body to deal with stress in the future.

Acupuncture stress relief treatments are minimally invasive and extremely safe. They are highly effective in treating the effects of stress. I often joke with my patients that the number one side effect of an acupuncture treatment is extreme relaxation.

In addition to acupuncture stress relief, other therapies which I recommend to reduce stress are breathing exercises, chi kung, yoga, strength training, and aerobic exercise. Any other activity which you find calming will also help alleviate the amount of stress you are exposed to. The key with all the different therapies mentioned in this article is to practice them on a regular basis. The frequency necessary to achieve the desired results will vary based on your stress levels and your ability to cope with stress.