8 Signs of Typical Sunday Night Syndrome

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The weekend gives you the respite from the week-long issues of work. Along with this, you also meet a host of problems at the domestic front as well. The beginning of weekend always brings pleasant thoughts in the minds of people who get drained out after a week of hard work. However, the Sunday night would bring back the tensions at the workplace in the minds of people, resulting in lack of sleep and other tell-tale symptoms like anxiety and stress. The symptoms include nauseating feeling, lack of sleep and the fear of upcoming professional weekdays.

Tell-tale Symptoms

The Sunday night would give you a sinking feeling. Along with this, you also get a rundown feeling through the body due to the fear of facing the higher-ups from next day onwards on one pretext or the other. It normally takes a heavy toll on the health of the people undergoing the feeling. It could be emotional, physical and mental toll. People who undergo this feeling on every Sunday night tell you what it would be like. They get a sense of premonition of coming week and the issues associated with it. The immediate feeling would be to run away from them by taking a day or two off to get extended holidays. You even tend to get frustrated and vent your anger on your family members by scolding them on little things that happen around you. In this article, we would be looking at different signs that tell about your Sunday Night Syndrome.

1. You tend to stay restless and find it difficult to concentrate on things at hand in home.

2. You feel a melancholic feeling as if you are alone in this world.

3. When you lie down to take rest, you become restless and the sleep start eluding you.

4. The anxiety generally begins by evening of Sundays. For certain people, it might even start by Saturday or Friday.

5. Due to lack of overnight sleep, you feel sleepy at your workplace in the morning of Mondays.

6. You will be in the hangover of the weekend activities you had undertaken. As a result, your productivity for Mondays remains on lower side.

7. Though you are physically at work, your mind would still be at home, savouring the sweet times you had with your friends and family members during the weekend.

8. You tend to feel irritated and become too rigid in your work outlook, forcing your colleagues to interact with you cautiously