6 Tips To Reduce Stress By Making Friends in Your Work

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You can reduce stress by having friends at work because you feel less lonely at work and it will help you reduce stress and relationship stress. Some days you just feel like nobody at work is your friend.You may know a lot of people, but none of them knows you. In this article I will show you how to make real friends at work.

To make friends at work to do the following things:

Give people time

If you do not give people the time, it is unreasonable to expect that they like you. People need time to understand you and to know you. Sometimes a cup of coffee and good conversation well enough to know someone. Other times it may be many weeks and months of hard work. Do not be afraid to give some time.

Be honest

It makes no sense to say that you are good at pooling while you’re not it. It’s not true and you will have problems if the next time you go to a local pub and you want your new friend to play pool. Be honest with the people you want to be friends with. You’ll always have a strong bond with people who have similar interests as you.

Be open

Do not be afraid to express who you are and what you think about a particular topic. If you are open people can know what it is like to deal with you. More often than not people will appreciate who you are.

Please bring food

No matter what situation you’re in, but with food you can make friends. Large companies have emerged during lunch. Best friends are made with a coffee and a snack. Food is a relationship builder. If you late into the evening working at office, order a pizza and share it with everyone without having them to pay it back. This act of generosity can do wonders.

Do not joke

Very often people think that all jokes as they can. This is not so. If you’re used to extract jokes at your friends, it does not have to be with a new friend. This can be delivered in the wrong way and you waste thus perhaps all sense. If you make jokes, make sure they are not personal.

Take initiative

Do not wait and see attitude, but show initiative. Try to do things together what you both is fun or interesting to do. For example go together to a game along a drink etc. People love it when you show interest. Do not always off until they ask you out, start with yourself questions.


There are so many ways to make friends. No matter what tricks you learn to do this as long as you’re honest and open. Do not be afraid to start a conversation. Be relaxed and natural. The stress and relationship stress will reduce by to have good friends at work. Good luck with this.