6 Strategies for a Sane, Stress-Free Relationship

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Who has not dreamed of a perfectly healthy, stress-free relationship with their loved one? While everyone aspires for a consummate relationship full of bliss, there are just many things that can go wrong. The game of life always has a few unexpected obstacles lurking around every corner and stress seems to be a major contributing factor to relationships that break down. It is an untarnished fact of life that every relationship is honest to many outside factors that can contribute to its success – as well as its demise. However, many couples manage to get through the obstacles thrown at them and are able to live very fulfilling lives. One thing is certain – anything worth fighting for will certainly require reasonable time and effort, as well as a healthy dose of perseverance.

What’;s Causing So Much Stress in Today’;s Society?

Before we get into ways to remove the stress that could challenge even the strongest relationships, let’;s take a look at a few of the causes of stress that tend to see their way in. According to a recent report published by the APA, money issues were the most cited causes of anxiety for Americans, with three-quarters of survey respondents claiming this to be the case. Work and money related issues tend to dominate these kinds of surveys each year. Additionally, an increasing variety of Americans are stating their family’;s health as contributing factors to their well-being.

Furthermore, relationships with children have a host of other problems that can bring in additional depths of stress. The presence of children can inflict significant psychological, physical and fiscal burdens, which may be a negative effect on the relationship. Add full time employment for the working mom, who’;s already responsible for a larger share of the childcare and housework for the family, and you can see the potential for many arguments, disagreements, and resentments before to surface.

So, what can be done to handle such problems before they spiral out of hand? The first thing to realize is that both of you are in this together. Upon facing common obstacles, instead of bickering and fighting over life’;s problems, you have to realize that this is in fact the time to love and support each other even more. Working collectively can help you come up with creative, stimulating solutions every time the going gets tough. This can certainly be more productive than to engage in negative interaction that is very harmful and damaging.

The following six strategies can add an additional blanket of protection into your relationship in order to reduce stress levels to a minimum and maintain a healthy level of sanity all through.

Strategy # 1: Send Your Lover More Praise

One of the quickest ways to achieve a blissful relationship free of anxiety and stress is to start observing your partner’;s achievements a whole lot more. Yes, enough is never enough! Get in the practice of being considerably more excited about your lover’;s tiniest successes – of course, along with the greater ones. Start with breakfast each morning and keep the list piling up as the day goes by.

An interesting case study was done in Munich, Germany on the role of certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, when we hear something that pleases us. It turns out that the recipient of praise receives a flood of such neurotransmitters upon receiving praise, which is inevitably connected with greater feelings of happiness, satisfaction and pride.

Not only will this approach also make you feel fantastic but also the release of chemicals in the brain that your lover will get can be downright addictive! Prepare to experience a new level of passion as a result of giving this strategy some good thought.

Strategy # 2: Nip The Triggers

While the causes for stress that can creep into a relationship mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg, there are often more deeply-rooted issues that have been neglected over time. These are often the reason that relationships become sexless and devoid of passion, with both partners left clueless as to the reasons that got them there in the first place.

Obviously something has gone wrong and the best way to start steering the boat onto the correct path is to start probing for the triggers that have led to this condition in the first place. Both partners will have to carve away some serious time in order to discuss the issue and try to figure out the precis triggers that have led them into such a dispersion alliance.

For example, while money can be the top trigger leading to the demise of many relationships, often the true issue has to do with the handling of money. During the honeymoon phase of every new relationship, such issues are likely to get overlooked and start to become a problem as the relationship matures. By paying greater attention to these potential triggers and discussing them with your partner, you will ever be able to identify them and eliminate them once and for all.

Strategy # 3: Avoid Communication Catastrophes

If there is one element of every healthy, stress-free relationship, it is a superior level of communication. Many partners make the impression that they are communicating, when in fact they are not actively engaged in what their partner is trying to express. The type of communication is futile over time and quickly results a stark reduction in intimacy.

The best way to circumvent this problem is to take the time to discuss things together with your partner, and to make an effective effort into determining how they are really feeling. This will make you both feel more positive and secure about the relationship, making it easier to work out and remedies to potential problems that could arise.

Strategy # 4: Dispel Any Unrealistic Expectations

Many people get into relationships, while harboring unrealistic expectations from the very start. Often times they have painted their new partner as a flawless "knight in shining armor" that serves all of mankind for the greater good. Learning to manage such expectations of our partner is the key to avoid reservations that are bound to occur somewhere along the line.

Try to see the world from a more realistic perspective: no human is absolutely infallible. We all have our faults and by putting ourselves into the shoes of another human being, we will come closer to such a realization.

Strategy # 5: Remove Negativity

Have you ever considered taking stress management courses designed to eliminate the negative feeling that plague modern society, such as anger, bitterness, fear, worry, depression, and disappointment? These kinds of feelings tend to surface most during arguments that can arise at any point in the relationship. If these tendencies and attributes sound like a good description of you, do not despair! There are many courses available to help you remove them from your life before they start to affect your relationship.

Strategy # 6: Try Fun Games To Add Some Spark Back In Your Relationship

On the opposite side of the negativity coin are the positive things you can add to your relationship. One way to work toward achieving a stronger, more supportive relationship is to add fun games designed to relieve stress and anxiety after a hard day’;s work. Why not try a game of Monopoly or Scrabble to lighten up the atmosphere together with a glass of wine? Or, take 15 minutes of your evening to do some yoga-breathing exercises?

Do not ever risk losing the relationship you have already worked so hard to create! With proper maintenance, your relationship will never reach its critical "breaking point" even when faced with increasing amounts of pressure and stress for whatever reason. By regularly implementing these six strategies into your everyday lives, you will strengthen your ability to communicate with each other more effectively, without every having to give into intolerance, fatigue and resentment.