4 Ways To "Calmify" Your Creative Space

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My desk at home is definitely my creative sanctuary. I spend endless amounts of hours generating ideas, researching new topics and crafting my work. I really do enjoy being in my own private little workspace. I have endured many long periods of productivity (some of which have turned into late night writing sessions) without ever feeling overwhelmed or as though I have lost my sanity.

However, working on projects is not always breezy; there are times when I am rushing to meet a deadline or I’;m struggling to come up with a new topic to write about. Even so, my carefully constructed, comfortable little space can insulate my mind from the dangers of stress.

When setting up your own personal workspace there is one very important question you must ask yourself … "How does it FEEL to you?" With that in mind here are 4 ways to "calmify" your own workspace:

1. Make Your Workspace Visually Appealing

I’;ve always disliked the look and feel of a corporate office: I find those types of workspaces drain me of energy and hinder my creativity. If you’;re going to spend the better part of the day working in your personal workspace, it only makes sense to add a little visual appeal.

You should immediately feel good when sitting down at your desk; in fact, it should very well be our most favorite place to be. Ditch those white walls for something more energetic and eye friendly; invest in beautiful hanging artworks or vibrant floor rugs. You may even want to consider getting a plant, as they have proven to reduce stress and improve air quality.

2. Play relaxing music or ambient noise

I personally do not like total silence when I work; I find it a little too depressed and believe it or not a bit distracting. My mind tends to wonder in silence and I easily fall prey to daydreaming.

It has been proven that listening to music while working can increase happiness and efficiency; research has shown that moderate noise level can help get the creative juices following.

I, however, can become easily sidetracked by song lyrics, which is why I prefer to listen to ambient noise. Listening to natural sounds such as waves at a beach or raining falling while you work, can increase concentration levels. If you in search of some ambient noise Spotify has a huge variety of playlist to choose from.

3. Clear the Clutter

A cluttered workspace can have quite a negative effect on your concentration and productivity. By surrounding yourself with unfinished tasks, you are reminding yourself of what you have not yet completed, which can make it very difficult to feel centred and focused.

When working in your workspace, the only items that should be on your desk should be directly related to the current project you’;re working on. All other items should be neatly stored away in drawers, shelves or cabinets.

4. Work near a window

There is much more to a window seat then just the view; healthy levels of light can easily energize you and help your body become alerted, attentive and focused. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light during the day can have greatly influenced a happier mood and sharper alertness.

Natural light can also result in a reduction of anxiety, stress, lethargy, and boredom. Designing your works around lighting will great benefits on your productivity.

Now get to it!

Take a moment to review your workspace. How can you calm your creative space? If you do not have the time for a major modification, then tackle it one small change at a time. Add an art piece, purchase a plant, tidy your space. Then relax and enjoy.