4 Ancient Tips of Tai Chi to Rebalance Your Body – One of Many Stress Relief Techniques

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Tai Chi practices balance and increase the body’s energies and enhance feelings of well being, strength and health. It makes use of the natural functions of your body to release anxiety and stress, clear blockages in the body, help with coordination and stamina and to heal the body from the joints to the organs.

The central idea in Tai Chi is to create flow in the Chi energy/life force, to create free flowing energy through the meridians in the body to create balance. Tai Chi exercises are one of many stress relief techniques.

The first step in the practice of Tai Chi is to have the correct posture. It is very of import that the posture should be relaxed and natural, to allow smooth breathing in order to help the mind into a quiet and relaxed state.

Even though muscles are contracting when moving into different forms, the contractions are relaxed and not strained. Almost like a cataleptic contraction of muscles, where the posture can be held for several minutes without getting tired.

Another basic skill to be mastered is how to concentrate and regulate your mental activity in order to enter a quiet, meditative state. As a meditation guide, the four most common methods used to enter such a state are as follows:

• Fixing the mind – the mind concentrates on a specific point on the body, most commonly the “dantian”, this is also your centre of gravity which is more or less an inch below the navel, whilst getting rid of all other thoughts.

• Following the breath – one concentrates on the breath, essentially on the undulation of abdominal breathing, making sure that conscious control of the breathing is avoided.

• Moving to the breath – breathing in and exhalation counts as one breath. Each breath and part of the breath is coupled with a specific flowing movement. Your focus is not on the movement or the breath but the synchronicity between the two until your ears hear nothing, your eyes see nothing and your mind is clear of thoughts.

• Focus on the breath – focus on your breathing until you actually stop hearing your breathing and enter a quiet state.

Once you have reached the quiet stage, the key is to just do nothing. You will experience the conscious flow of energy through the body, being able to feel energy moving around parts of your body. This enables you to utilise the surrounding energy to heal your body and for other daily activities.

Using relaxation, breathing and meditation with Tai Chi are just a few of many hundreds of stress release techniques.