3 Super Tips To Overcome Intrusive Thoughts That You Can Do Now

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If you have been doing ‘mental wrestling’ with unwanted and intrusive thoughts all this while, I know how tiring and depressing it can be. So in this short article, I will provide you with some powerful techniques that you can use to get relief from these disturbing situations. Normally, people who suffered from intrusive thoughts will also have other obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms. OCD symptoms can be classified into two categories; overt and covert. Intrusive thoughts fall into the covert category.

Usually, when someone who has frequent repetitive unwanted thoughts or images, to relief obsessions with these thoughts, they would often end up ruminating. This rumination often last for hours depending on the intensity of the anxiety provoking thoughts. Although many would agree that these thoughts are irrational and exaggerating, they often feel helpless to overcome them. As a result, sufferers will be stuck in this endless ruminations.

Here are some techniques that you can start doing when facing with this situation again:

  1. Whenever you feel the ‘spike’ (intrusive thoughts) is coming to you, the first step that you must do is to identify them as OCD. Tell yourself, this thought is the OCD. “It is NOT me, it’s the OCD.”
  2. Once you have identified them as OCD, you must label them as OCD. Meaning to say that you will not get emotionally involved with them nor will you give a second look at them. “They are NOT me, they are OCD.”
  3. After identifying them and labeling them as OCD thoughts, your next step is to quickly divert your attention to some other things. Focus your full attention to things like the television programs, scenery, internet, books etc. Maintain this focus on whatever things that you chose for as long as you can. The longer the better. The idea is to avoid your subconscious mind to get stuck on the initial ‘spike.’

However, you must be prepared to fail on the first few attempts, this is normal. But the moment you got the chance to do it, you MUST keep on trying these steps until you can do it comfortably. I have tried these methods myself during my OCD years and have found them to be very useful to overcome intrusive thoughts. In case you need more advice, feel free to read my blog for more tips and information.