3 Easy Meditation Types For Beginners

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If you’;ve never mediated before but you want to try it out, here are some meditation types that total beginners at meditation can attempt successfully. Meditation does not need to be difficult, so anyone telling you that is grossly mistaken.

Sometimes meditation is as easy as listening to a meditation music and drifting away to a quiet and calm place that will make you feel completely refreshed when the session is over. Other times, you might have to say a mantra over and over again. A mantra is nothing more than a particular word, such as Om (spelled Aummm), repeated in a successful matter, which creates a vibration to your head that will stimulate the brain in a beneficial way. Yet at other times you simply listen to a tape or CD where a guide talks you through a serious of exercises of the mind to relax and de-stress you completely.

The first meditation type is called by many names: reiki meditation music, yoga meditation music, relaxation meditation. You either buy a tape or download a few mp3s for free (completely legal) and play that in your mp3 player or ipod. You need to be in a relaxed position, with no interrupts whatever. Just listen to the relaxing music, and let your mind wander. Does not matter what thoughts come your way, just let them be. They will go and new ones will take their place and that is ok. Sometimes the thoughts, the chit-chatter of your mind will less and you will be able to simply be. You will wake up relaxed, and oddly refreshed, ready to take on the day.

The second meditation type is called Mantra meditation, or Japa meditation. Here you will either whisper, say loudly or even say in your mind a mantra, a particular word that you feel attracted to, that feels right to you. Most of the times people use the word Om (spelled Aummmm) over and over again. This will have a resonance, a vibration that will cause your mind to slow down, to relax and be refreshed.

The third type of meditation is called guided meditation, and here you will have a tape or CD with the calming voice of a man or woman who guides you through the meditation. You will listen to the tape, and follow the guide on your meditation journey. Some people call this almost hypnotism, which in a way it is, as you really drift away and you get yourself in another world, a world of your mind, that is totally relaxing, calming. Once you wake up from the trance, again you feel refreshed, grounded and totally in the present, in the now.