13 Tips to Release Anxiety

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So many people I know are dealing with anxiety right now. I’m hearing about it from my clients. From friends and family. And from myself as well!

Anxiety is something I know a lot about. It used to be my constant companion.

But gradually, with the help of numerous mind-body techniques, I was able to let go, nearly completely, of all anxiety. What a miraculous relief!

Lately, though, anxiety has been cropping up for me again. It could be the ever-changing political climate. Could be the numerous disruptions and changes I’ve had to navigate during the last year. Could be a lot of things.

The problem is, I DON’T have time for anxiety! Who does?

Anxiety gets in the way of my work, my dreams, my creativity, my natural optimism, my happiness… my life!

Fortunately, I now have a wealth of tools to clear anxiety, almost immediately. So, unlike years ago, when anxiety was my constant companion, I can now easily release, relax, and let it go. Feels so good!

Here are some of my favorite anxiety-busters:

Deep Breathing – Deep breathing, from the abdomen, stimulates the vagus nerve. When you stimulate the vagus nerve, you stimulate the relaxation response.

Meditation – Meditation allows you to drop into deeper brain frequencies and relaxation. It is an effective way to observe your discomfort from a place of detachment. Connecting with your higher self, while observing anxiety, helps to diminish it. Meditate in silence, or try a guided meditation. If you’re new to meditation, start with 5-10 minutes and gradually increase the time.

Self-Massage – Self-massage is a quick, powerful way to release pent-up anxiety and tension. Give yourself a quick foot massage, a neck and shoulder massage, a hip massage, a lower back massage, an arm and hand massage. Massage wherever you can reach, wherever you feel tense. It’s amazing how powerful just a few moments of self-massage can be!

Tulsi Tea – Mmmm. Tulsi tea is one of my favorites! In fact, as I write this, I’m sipping a cup of it. Tulsi tea helps calm jitters, and balance cortisol, the major stress hormone.

Eat Green-Green veggies and green juices contain alkalizing minerals which help ground and calm the nervous system. Find your favorite, easiest way of eating greens, and eat plenty of them. Greens are absolutely essential, especially during times of stress.

Heart Breath – The heart breath will help you drop out of an anxious mind, into the peace of your heart. To use the Heart Breath, first take 3-4 deep breaths, bringing your breath down into your abdomen. Next, bring your breath up into your heart, and imagine that you are breathing in and out of your heart. Deeply, and slowly. Breathe this way for 1-5 minutes (or more!) Notice how it makes you feel.

EFT Tapping – Ahh, EFT Tapping. Again, one of my favorites. (no bias here!) EFT Tapping helps balance and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. It’s a very effective tool for releasing anxiety and panic. The fastest way to use it is to use the fingertips of one hand to tap on the karate chop point of your other hand. The karate chop point is the fleshy part of your hand between your pinky and your wrist. Breathe deeply and slowly as you tap.

Affirmations – I’ve been using affirmations for a while now, and I LOVE them! I’ve created a number of affirmations for a variety of my goals and desires. So, when I’m feeling anxious or worried, I switch to a positive affirmation to counter my worry. Then, I repeat the affirmation over and over. The more I practice this technique, the more immediate the results.

Yoga – Yoga is a fabulous practice to release the tension, anxiety, and fear that gets tapped within the body. If yoga is right for you, find the yoga practice that’s right for you. If you can’t find a class near you, try an online program.

Gratitude List – Sometimes when we feel anxious, it’s because we feel we’re lacking something we need. Cultivate a daily gratitude practice which helps you acknowledge all the good in your life. This sense of gratitude will help you shift out of anxiety.

Creative Visualization – Similar to an affirmation, a positive visualization will help you feel more optimistic. If you’re new to visualization, start with simple visions, within the realm of possibility.

First, decide what you’d like to see. What would improve your situation? Next, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and bring your vision to mind. Allow the vision to appear in whatever way is best for you. Don’t force it. By allowing yourself to step into a new, better-feeling, possibility, you’ll help yourself feel better, and you’ll show your subconscious mind what to create for you.

Brain Wave Entrainment: Brainwave entrainment uses pulsing sounds, lights, or electromagnetic fields to stimulate the brain to fall into deeper, more peaceful, brainwave frequencies. This is a very effective technique, and numerous products are available online, and as MP3 downloads. Because these products are powerful, it’s important to purchase them from a trusted source, and to do your own research on the effects of brain wave entrainment.

Let go of Caffeine – Last, and certainly not least, let go of Caffeine! Limit or omit it. Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands, and therefore your stress hormones. If you need an energy boost, try a green drink, or a glass of water with lemon.

Life’s too precious to waste it on anxiety!

In Courage,